New varieties

Large and uniform fruits with very attractive appearance and shiny red color, a conical and long shape, characterized by compact flesh and satisfying organoleptic properties, as well as long shelf life.

Guarantee of very abundant crops, beautiful, very big fruits, high productivity, good merchantability properties of fruits. This cultivar is resistant to root system diseases and mildew.

An energetic plant, may demand a bit more space than Albion (lush growth) with a similar production structure. The fruits are very tasty, sweet and slightly bigger than fruits of Albion cultivar, but slightly less firm.

Die besten Sorten


Wir empfehlen neue Sorten, wie: Alba, Roxana, Malwina. Mehr Infos in dem Teil Erdbeeren.


Wir beraten Sie, Welch Sorten große Ernte garantieren. Machen Sie sich mit dem Angebot unserer Firma bekannt!

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